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what we offer

Our services include (but are not limited to):

Related Services - Building

Exterior Building Façades

• All types of waterproofing / between slab
• Supply and install electric hanging scaffolding
• Facade pockets / curtain wall preparation
• Special Rigger’s License / custom rigging
• Metal panels

Related Services - Building


• Local Law 10 and 11, Masonry, Restoration & Reconstruction
• Sidewalk installation & repair
• Sidewalk vault reconstruction & repairs
• Concrete re-sealing and rehabilitation

Related Services - Building

Roof Repair

• All types of roofing including, but not limited to: EPDM, SBS, PVC/TPO, BUR, MBM & Metal Roofing
• Vapor barrier systems
• Patching
• Liquid Applied Waterproofing
• Coping, Metal finishes, Trims

Related Services - Building


• Facade stabilization prior to curtain wall installation
• Traffic bearing coatings systems & repairs

Frequenty Asked Questions


We’re certified in several manufacturers’ premium systems, including Carlisle, Siplast, Sika, Kemper, Johns Manville, Soprema and Firestone


Our roofing and waterproofing systems include custom sheet metal standing seam and flashing installations, ornamental metal installations, SBS, APP, EPDM, TPO, PVC, liquid applied, hot-rubberized applied membranes and built up roof systems.


We also provide all types of façade scaffolding, along with an experienced crew of Special Riggers.

Related Services LLC is a highly qualified, bonded, fully insured, client-friendly, Exterior Restoration and Roofing/Waterproofing firm.